About Me

Hi, there! My name is Ashley.

I’m a freelance writer with a focus on travel and home decor trends, though I also have thoughts on motherhood, femininity, expat living, and Oxford commas. I’m an aspiring YA writer currently seeking representation, and I love connecting with other writers.

While working as an entertainment and fashion publicist, my best friend and I started a blog called The Lazy Travelers. Travel blogging was new, Instagram didn’t exist, and we developed a small but dedicated following. In a roundabout way, blogging inspired my husband and I to quit our full-time jobs, travel around the world for five months, and settle down in a small village in France, where he pursued an MBA and I focused on freelance work.

In that time, I learned a lot about freelancing, travel blogging, and what it’s like to live in a French farmhouse in the middle of a forest. (key takeaway: I am a city person.)

Since then, we’ve moved to London, had two beautiful babies, and I’ve continued to work on copywriting assignments, including a major project for a global internet search company that may or may not rhyme with Shmoogle. I’ve also done freelance PR work for luxury travel companies and brands. You can find some of my writing linked here, for various digital outlets.

Aside from writing, I also love reading (duh), wine, food, Pilates, yoga, and bingeing on whatever TV show people are currently obsessed with, with some major exceptions. I also love taking pictures, either on my phone or with my big kid camera (a Canon 60D). You can see most of my travel photos on Instagram @lazytravelers.

I’d love to write for you.

Ashley Chalmers

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