A Nancy Meyers island is surrounded by stylish high-top stools that people may or may not sit on as Mom sets out a full, hot breakfast before school, only to have her kids pass by and grab an apple from the sleek and always-full fruit bowl. The Nancy Meyers island is for sharing a bottle of wine while you stress about the love triangle you’re accidentally in.


Somewhere between the 2006 release of the Christmas classic The Holiday and the present-day rise of cottagecore, I decided that owning a cottage in the English countryside was my ultimate dream. 


One of the biggest culprits of kitchen drawer clutter is how quick we all are to just toss things in without any order. This doesn’t just create a headache – it can also cause wear and tear on your kitchenware.


Curiosity Magazine

In our early twenties, whenever we traveled, my husband and I heard the same refrain: “Do it now, because when you have kids, your traveling days are over!” Externally, I smiled at these well-meaning strangers, but inside, a struggle was brewing. Was it really one or the other?

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House Digest

When it comes to cleaning, we all have our personal preferences. They’re our tried and true hacks, probably passed down from our parents, and involving products and chemicals that we swear work better than anything else. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that our go-to cleaning supplies can be chock full of harsh, toxic chemicals that have negative impacts on our health, our homes, and the world around us.


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I’m a freelance writer, London-dweller, and, most importantly, chief snack provider and adventure planner for my two little ones.

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