#FallWritingFrenzy // The Adventure of Skeeter S. Squirrel

Update: I’m so excited to say that I was named one of the winners! A huge thank you to the judges, and a special thanks to Lydia for picking my story.

It feels fitting that my very first post here is also my first ever submission for a KidLit writing contest. Thanks to Lydia Lukidis and Kaitlynn Leann Sanchez for hosting #FallWritingFrenzy 2020! More details can be found here and here.

I’ve selected image 10, and my piece is below!

The Adventure of Skeeter S. Squirrel

199 words

Image 10 via Unsplash for #FallWritingFrenzy

Skeeter S. Squirrel was late again, and this time was bad, bad, bad. This time, he was far from home and winter was creeping in. He held his newfound acorn as he stroked his bushy tail and peered ahead. His ears perked. His nose twitched. The first crisp snow wasn’t far away, not far at all.

There had to be a faster way home, there just had to be!

Oh dear, oh dear, he thought, his tail growing puffier.

Off to his side, he heard a rustling.

Oh! …deer?

“Deirdre?” Skeeter called. “Is that you?”

But instead of the voice of his dearest deer friend, Skeeter heard a squawk that sent his tummy into a somersault.

Holding his acorn tight, Skeeter knew he had to run, run, RUN!

He veered into a pile of leaves, grateful to be camouflaged among the russet and gold. But it wasn’t enough.

Suddenly, Skeeter was floating. Then, he was flying… and soon, he was soaring! He watched as the trees below blurred past in ginger and auburn, and he laughed into the wind.

“I’m flying!” Skeeter cheered, sending a joyful “WHEEEEEE!” out into the sky.

And then, Skeeter remembered how he got here.

51 thoughts on “#FallWritingFrenzy // The Adventure of Skeeter S. Squirrel

  1. Well I thought Skeeter was going to be roadkill given the image you selected. LOL. So maybe this is a better way to go? Good luck with the contest and thanks for sharing your story!

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    1. Thanks so much, Jill! I have some idea of where it’s going, just need to actually sit down and write out where this adventure takes our little squirrel friend… I’ll tell him to avoid your dogs!


  2. I love Skeeter’s squirrely voice–you nailed it! And the dear part made me laugh out loud. But please, please tell me he gets away from the hawk?! I raised a baby squirrel this past spring and this is my nightmare, so I’m crossing my fingers that he squirmed and slipped away.

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  3. Such a fun, cute character-driven (flown?) story. Skeeter is a hoot. I adore the playful voice and vivid vocabulary (e..g, “newfound” acorn) of your piece. The sensory details and description are so enticing. You really rake out those fall colours (ginger, russet and gold,) and convey the action with immediacy and precision (“His ears perked. His nose twitched.”) You manage to SHOW the action so well, in fact, that we can be quite sure of Skeeter’s mode of aerial transport without you ever having to tell us, a very impressive feat, indeed. Almost as impressive as a flying squirrel! @AnneLipton

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  4. I enjoyed Skeeter from the first line until the last! I laughed out loud when he initially enjoyed his flight, but then realized his compromised position. What a fun take on the image. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I love your voice or Skeeter’s voice. Amazing. Funny and fun.
    Only one question: What happens to poor Skeeter?
    If you transform this into a PB, and I think you should, please give him
    a happy ending.
    Good luck.

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  6. Stupid hungry hawk. He better drop Skeeter ASAP or he will have to deal with me! I think the Hawk spies something more delicious and drops Skeeter into a bale of hay on a farm……..ok, continue……..😆Great job building suspense. Love that Skeeter was tickled silly at first….. wishing you luck. stay well. 🎶🎨📚😊

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